Kraig Hufstedler

Web Development


Based in the St. Louis, MO area, I work with startups and non-profits, designing and developing websites that help them connect with their customers and consitutents. In our busy world, connecting with people, whether they be paying customers or people served by an organization, is increasingly difficult. I love the challenge of using web technologies to connect people and ultimately add value to their lives in some way. I focus on using open source software, which allows organizations and businesses to quickly build and scale websites and web applications so they can effectively connect with their users.

A user's experience on a website has a huge impact on how they perceive the organization, and ultimately how they respond to the information or services presented. I focus on making websites that are very usable and aesthetically appealing, and focus on content that is actionable. My goal isn't just to make an online brochure, but to help an organization connect with its target users through interactive tools, dynamic content, and social media connections. I enjoy the challenge of always learning new things and staying on the cutting edge of best practices and new approaches to problems, and I think that the open source community fosters this mentality.

I am a big believer in the power of open source software and the communities that come together to make them great. Clients find the flexibility of the software and support of the communities invaluable. Moreover, open source software helps keep IT costs under control.